Pre U Culture Paper Materials

Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you to all the teachers (and their colleagues) who have helped support our teaching community in sharing their approaches to teaching the Pre U Culture Paper, especially those who have contributed their time and energy to face to face events- your generosity is extremely appreciated.

This page is a collective work, with multiple materials from teachers. If you would like to contribute to the body of work here, please feel free to email any materials to – thank you!

Sections 1 and 2:

Pre-U paper 4 History and Culture Ruairi Garvey, Oundle School (general introduction to the paper, with lots of recommended resources, books and teaching strategies)

Pre-U Mandarin at Upton Hall School Zhou Hu, Upton Hall (a presentation of how Upton Hall School has approached teaching Pre U Mandarin)

Section 1: History, Geography, Economics

Strategies for Pre-U Mandarin Chinese Paper 4 Chinese Culture Fran Ring, David Preece, Rob Earl and John Short, Trinity School (incorporating History, Geography, Economics and Essay Writing presentations)


general books image

Teaching History in the Pre-U Mandarin Course Ashley Hern, Manchester Grammar School for Boys

Exam Success How to prepare students to write history essays– Fran Ring, Epsom College

History Essay (to go with above ppt)- Fran Ring, Epsom College

Teaching Pre U Chinese Culture Strategies    Xiaoming Sun, Ibstock Place School

Xiaoming Sun Pre U History handout Xiaoming Sun, Ibstock Place School

Xiaoming Sun Paper 4 Student Scripts Xiaoming Sun, Ibstock Place School

History SoW    Fran Ring, Trinity School (now Epsom College)


geography slide

industrialisation and env protection framework Yvonne McDonough, Upton Hall School

China Growth and Pollution   Yvonne McDonough, Upton Hall School

Soil erosion and desertification in China Yvonne McDonough, Upton Hall School

population stats Yvonne McDonough, Upton Hall School

population east west with essay focus Yvonne McDonough, Upton Hall School

Dams—Development-or-Destruction Yvonne McDonough, Upton Hall School

Resource, Population Teaching Example   David Preece, Trinity School

Geography resources and examples   David Preece, Trinity School

Geography SoW   David Preece, Trinity School


Economics SoW Rob Earl, Trinity School

Section 2- Film and Literature:

pre u books image

Teaching strategies for film and literature at KS5 – Ruairi Garvey, Oundle School (Conference Presentation)

Pre U Literature Love in a Fallen City– Adam Moorman, Fortismere School

China’s best books – Time Out Bejing (not Pre-U specific)

100 Best China Mainland Films – Time Out Bejing (not Pre-U specific)

Timeline of the Cultural Revolution

Background to ‘Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress’
Materials suitable for Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress and the background to this film- James Trapp, UCL IOE Confucius Institute. (Please be aware that some images are of the Cultural Revolution and the Great Famine, which some people may find distressing.)